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Topic: The Music Business

| Type: recorded video jazz lesson / lecture | 

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Each lecture from "Beyond the Note...Jazz Music Essentials" can be purchased separately and used as an independent jazz education resource.

The length of this lecture is 53 minutes.

MAIN IDEA of this jazz music lesson

There are many aspects to the music business. How to start a publishing company so performance and publishing royalties may be claimed…the mechanical royalties and how to make sure you receive the money due through a collection agency. What is a Synchronization license?

The importance of a manager and what to expect from a manager. How to cultivate a career without the aid of a manager. How to find gigs. The importance of perseverance and setting reasonable goals for one’s self.

This lecture will inform the jazz student about what I consider the most important parts of the music business, the importance of a manager, the manager's duties, setting up performances for your jazz group and how to survive as a jazz musician.