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Topic: Listening And Communication

| Type: recorded video jazz lesson / lecture | 

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Each lecture from "Beyond the Note...Jazz Music Essentials" can be purchased separately and used as an independent jazz education resource.

The length of this lecture is 40 minutes.

MAIN IDEA of this jazz music lesson

Music is a listening art form, the construction of which is embraced and designed audibly by the musician(s) playing alone or together. What we the artist/musician receives, depends upon what we hear, and what we hear is dependent upon how well we listen.

The victory to good listening and good communication should be happening continually in our lives whether we are on or off the bandstand.

As a jazz artist, I’m making split second decisions all the time…the listening factor…staying in the moment…is the single most difficult thing for the creative artist to accomplish. It makes the technical and theoretical aspects of music seem very easy.

Listening is our life preserver in the ocean of sound. Without it…we drown.

This lecture will strengthen the student jazz musicians listening capabilities, how to listen more effectively and what to listen for.