LIVE Zoom jazz master class #24

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Topic: Jazz Composition (set of 8 2-hours lessons) | every Saturday at 1pm-3pm PST  (22:00-24:00 European time)

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Please sign up for lessons and lectures to reserve dates and times 9 am-7 pm PST that will work best for you. (David Friesen)

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On this LIVE Zoom Master Classes we will discuss:

  • The importance of composition
  • Telling a story both melodically and Rhythmically
  • Searching for unusual cadences
  • Providing enough harmonic options to make good choices
  • Ability e to be flexible with the melody over the harmony
  • Creating surprises
  • The importance of composing the music to please yourself first
  • Learning to accept what you like


The schedule of the Zoom Master Classes: 

Lesson 1   

Introduction. Assignment to compose a tune in an “Odd Time” 7/4 or 5/4 time

Lesson 2  

evaluation of the “Odd Time” tune. Assignment for following week to compose a “Ballad”

Lesson 3 

evaluation of “Ballad”. Assignment for following week to compose a “Straight Ahead” tune

Lesson 4  

evaluation of the “Straight Ahead” tune. Assignment for following week to compose an “Open Eighth Note” (Latin Feel) tune

Lesson 5  

evaluation of “Open Eighth Note” (Latin Feel) tune. Assignment for following week to compose a “Waltz”

Lesson 6  

evaluation of a “Waltz” tune. Assignment for following week to evaluate past 5 compositions to make changes if necessary

Lesson 7  

evaluation over past 5 compositions. Assignment for the following week to hypothetically or for real, to plan for a recording…picking musicians and instruments to be used, finding a studio to record in and a plan for the tunes to be played

Lesson 8

Recording the compositions with a group or as a soloist