The Christian Musicians: Challenges in Life

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Entire lecture series ( all 4 topics + music bonus)

| Type: recorded video jazz lessons / lectures | 

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The length of the entire lecture series + bonus is 2 hours 35 min total 


MAIN IDEA of this lesson

The lecture series "The Christian Musicians: Challenges in Life" offers a way to exist in our world, protecting us from judgments and condemnation, gives spiritual tools that offer the professional Christian musician ways of overcoming the obstacles that plague us in this present life.

This lecture series will help to establish a stable spiritual foundation for personal and musical growth and give the Christian Musicians a reason and the strength to continue moving forward in our broken world, which makes this lecture series a must to purchase for the serious student and professional musician.

Lecture 1

  • Introduction
  • Why I am playing music?
  • The importance of developing a personal relationship with Christ

Lecture 2

  • The gift of Discernment
  • The Substance inside the Note
  • What Does it Mean to Play For the Lord

Lecture 3

  • How do circumstances substantiate or not the will of God in our lives
  • Forgiveness
  • Judgment from the church and other Christians

Lecture 4

  • Thankfulness
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Peace That Passes Understanding


 Hope + Composition Lament for the Lost / Procession (composed and performed by David Friesen / solo bass)